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At a time when our nation is engaged in a polarizing civil rights movement, schools have an obligation to stand at the center of justice.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not partisan issues, but rather prerequisites of high quality education for all children.​

The Westbrook School Department is committed to equity, equality of opportunity, and success for all. We must and will continue to reject and condemn hateful acts of racism and bigotry and work for justice. Equity fosters an inclusive, barrier-free environment where each student and staff person has access to opportunities of the highest quality to reach their full potential and success. By affirming this commitment, working together, and sharing both dialogue and action, we can eradicate systemic racism and injustice in our schools, communities, nation, and world. We will continue to champion inclusivity as we embrace, affirm and uphold the identity, dignity, respect, and care of every person. Through this shared commitment, we will truly listen to, value, and celebrate every person’s unique story to ensure our promise: the best education for all for life.     

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Kellie Hall

Equity Resources Coordinator


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