Dear families,

As you may be aware, there was an incident at Westbrook High School this morning. School administrators were notified that a student was in possession of a weapon. With the assistance of the School Resource Officer, the student was brought to the office and the unloaded weapon was secured. Westbrook Police were onsite within minutes and the situation was resolved. As is our protocol, the school was placed in a lockout, meaning all classrooms were closed, locked, and secured. All students and staff were safe and resumed their regular school day. Resources were made available to students who needed support in processing this difficult event. We commend the responsible students who alerted administrators to the situation as well as the administration, faculty, and staff at WHS and WPD.

Events like this are unsettling for everyone involved, those at WHS and throughout the community. Please reach out to your school counselors and principals if you or your children need support in processing this event or school violence in general. It is important to talk about incidents, reassure children that schools are generally very safe places, validate their feelings, offer age-appropriate information, and correct misinformation. The National Association of School Psychologists has a great resource for families and educators that may be helpful.  

Take care and be strong.

Dr. Peter Lancia

Superintendent of Schools