Dear friends, 

At this moment, we are planning to reopen all schools in Westbrook on Monday, October 30 with a regular schedule. We will do so with a heightened sense of awareness and security and, as an added precaution, the Westbrook Police Department will provide additional presence at our schools. We are ready to support all of our students with counselors, social workers, and student services staff throughout the day. I will let you know if developments over the weekend cause our plans to change. Otherwise, we will be together again on Monday for a day of school. 

As we prepare to return, children may be anxious or nervous. Please reaffirm that you are confident that our schools are safe places and that adults in school, as well as the WPD, will be here to take good care of them. If they have questions, our staff is prepared to provide accurate and age-appropriate responses. We want to collaborate in supporting our students.  It will be good for all of us to reestablish routines, see our friends, and reconnect with learning and all mof the activities of school. As a community, we will support and comfort our children and each other over the days and weeks ahead as all of our hearts begin to heal. 

Please continue to keep the people of Lewiston, the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Take care and be strong.

Dr. Peter Lancia, Superintendent of Schools