​We are wrapping up Staff Appreciation Week today! Thank you to our amazing community for honoring and celebrating our entire staff throughout the week, and throughout the year. Our staff work tirelessly to care for and support all students every day. They are true heroes!
5 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
Staff Thank You garden at WHS
Congratulations to our National Art Honor Society Inductees! You have shown great dedication to your art-making practice, learning, and service in the visual arts. Thank you to the parents and art staff who made the evening special for our art stars! A big congratulations also to all of our art students who contributed to the incredible high school spring art exhibit. The hallway in the art wing has transformed into a museum and fascinating multimedia display of learning!
5 months ago, Rachel Somerville
NAHS inductees and art staff holding their certificates
NAHS sign
art show sign
Great news! The Westbrook School Committee has approved a request to waive two days at the end of the school year. This will still maintain our required 175 student days. School will close for the year on Friday, June 16 with a half day of school.
5 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
Academic Recognition Night! Join us in congratulating our students on their academic achievements! From WHS Teacher of the Year, Ms. Sbardella to honor roll and academic achievement, our students and staff are amazing!
5 months ago, Dr. Kim O'Donnell
honor roll seniors
WHS Teacher of the Ms. Sbardella!
CO-Principal Wendy Harvey opening the night
Thank you to the many people who participated in the Community Conversation sponsored by One Westbrook on Saturday, May 6 at St. Anthony's Parish Hall. People from different communities in the city enjoyed a great meal and great conversation about Westbrook. Lots of good questions were asked, needs were raised, and suggestions were made. A special thank you to the WHS students who facilitated table conversations and to Westbrook School Department Equity Resources Coordinator Amanda Atkinson Lewis and City of Westbrook Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director Prosper Lohomboli who organized the event.
5 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
Table talk
One Westbrook is hosting a Community Conversation and Pot Luck on Saturday, May 6, 1-3 pm at St. Anthony's Church hall on Brown Street. Come and meet your neighbors and share your thoughts and experiences that make Westbrook a great community! All are welcome, and interpreters will be present.
5 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
Parents & Guardians, We will be launching our READY4K Parent Powered messaging beginning on Monday, May 8! This is an exciting, grant funded opportunity to support our efforts around family engagement with students up to grade 5! Be on the lookout for information coming right to your mobile device very soon!
5 months ago, Dr. Kim O'Donnell
Many parents/guardians are asking about the last day of the school year! Hard to believe it is coming up so soon! Currently the PROJECTED last day of school is June 21, 2023. Any updates to that date will be posted and communicated to all.
5 months ago, Dr. Kim O'Donnell
empty classroom
Students in Ms. Bertino's third grade class at Congin School have been designing businesses! From candy stores and pet sitting to art shops and challenge courses, students learned about Westbrook culture and financial literacy in social studies and, inspired by their work with Junior Achievement, designed, constructed models, and shared their work at a fantastic exhibition. What creative thinking!
5 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
Congin Students
From art exhibitions and celebrations at the high school level to K-8 visual arts curriculum sharing and showcasing, this spring, we are highlighting the incredible work of our student artists and the art staff who support their artistic growth. Engage with this work virtually through our Westbrook Visual Arts Department Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/people/Westbrook-Visual-Art-Department-Westbrook-Maine/100063508086185/?locale=hi_IN
5 months ago, Rachel Somerville
Art department spring highlight art poster.  The poster provides information about spring art shows and curriculum sharing.  Image of chalk pastel landscape sun in desert.
Last night was Math Night at Saccarappa School! Students and families had lots of fun with activities including Mancala and other board games, prediction and guessing games, robotics activities, math connected literature, and even a life-size game of Candy Land! Thank you to everyone who participated and to the staff who provided such a fun evening!
5 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
Student playing a math game
Shoutout to our newest National Technical Honor Society inductees! We are so proud of all of you!! Thank you to all the parents who were able to make it to the ceremony this morning, to Dr. Lancia for speaking to our students, to Chef Ogden and his students for preparing a beautiful meal and space, and to Ms. O'Toole our wonderful NTHS advisor for all of her hard work.
5 months ago, Gloria Noyes
2023 WRVC NTHS Inductees and honored members
Dr. Lancia honoring the NTHS recipients
WRVC Criminal Justice students had a wonderful tour of SMCC today. Thank you to our fantastic tour guide, Cayman Warburton for sharing all his knowledge and experiences with us. Thank you to Kevin MacDonald for taking the time to meet with us about SMCC’s Criminal Justice program. Thank you to Rick DiFusco for organizing this day for our students and thank you to MELMAC for sponsoring our lunch. Wonderful day had by all!
5 months ago, Gloria Noyes
WRVC Criminal Justice students visit SMCC
Parents & guardians, the Westbrook School Department is excited to announce that we have been awarded a substantial grant through the Maine Center of Family engagement to provide a program called ParentPowered through Ready4K! We will start the program in the next week or two, pending some technical work that is currently being done. What should I expect as a parent or caregiver? Parents and caregivers are an important part of the learning team. To make that role a little easier, we've partnered with ParentPowered. Each week they'll send you three text messages with fun facts and easy-to-use tips on ways to help your children learn and grow. You'll also receive information on community resources to support you and your family. Every message is aligned to your children's stage of development, based on their age or grade. And each tip is built around everyday routines, like walking to the bus or car, doing laundry, or preparing a meal. How much does it cost? While there is absolutely no cost for participating in this program, data & message rates may apply. What if I want to stop receiving texts? You can choose to stop receiving the texts at any time by texting STOP to 70138. To stop receiving texts about community resources, text STOP to 28922. If you have additional questions or need help with the program, you can text HFIP to 70138 or email the ParentPoweredteam at support@parentpowered.com.
5 months ago, Dr. Kim O'Donnell
ParentPower document
​We wish our Muslim students, families, and staff a Happy Eid Al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan and the breaking of the fast.
5 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
Reminder: There is a half day of school on Thursday, April 13. Westbrook Middle School will dismiss students at 10:15am, Westbrook High School will dismiss students at 10:25am, and Congin, Canal, and Saccarappa will dismiss students at 11:30am. Also, vacation begins on Friday, April 14 through next week. Classes resume on April 24. We hope you have a great vacation, time filled with safe travel, good books, and rest and relaxation.
6 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
BREAKING NEWS FROM OUR BUSINESS PROGRAM... Bella B. just received an amazing package from Aroma Joe's headquarters after formatting and composing a professional business letter to the public relations department. The class assignment was to choose a business or product they admire, plan and organize a message that was clear, organized, and personal, sharing with the recipient what they liked about the company or product. Bella received a very sweet email response thanking her for the professional letter and was sent a few items of Aroma Joe swag! Way to go, Bella, and thank you, Aroma Joe's! TITAN CHALLENGE Information... The all-day Titan Challenge hosted by IDEXX is a business strategy competition for high school students where teams of up to three students work together to collaborate and make decisions for a company about price, production, marketing, R&D, and charitable giving followed by seeing the impact of their decisions. As they analyze their reports at the end of each quarter, students develop strategies to sell more product, make employees happier, design more features, etc. Our students were professional, creative, engaged, and placed well in comparison to other Titan teams. Way to go, WRVC Titan Teams! Thank you, IDEXX for supporting Maine students! Thank you, Mrs. Dolloff, for providing these marvelous learning opportunities for our business students.
6 months ago, Gloria Noyes
Business student receives Aroma Joe's swag package!
Business Team Titan top qualifying team
Happy Easter!
6 months ago, Dr. Peter Lancia
WRVC firefighting students participated in a hands-on live burn. Lt. Brooks (firefighting teacher)and Ms. Lewis (medical occupations teacher) co-planned a lesson where the firefighting students showed the medical occupations students how to use a fire extinguisher using the P.A.S.S. technique (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep).
6 months ago, Gloria Noyes
Firefighting live burn at WRVC
Med Occ and Firefighting students using a fire extinguisher
Parents & Guardians! Join us tonight at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center for a showing of the documentary LIKE! Learn about the impact of social media on youth and listen to panelists discuss their own experiences with social media. The event starts at 6:00pm! Hope to see you there!
6 months ago, Dr. Kim O'Donnell
Like flyer